About our farm

My wife is from the City and I’m from the country.  In 2016, to end the debate, we bought a farm and moved to the City of Country.  Nashville, TN is the best taste of both worlds.  We’re less than 6 miles from downtown city lights, but step out on our back porch and you’re in Mayberry.

Our Mission

We want to share the same experience with others!  Come here, stay here, work here, play here.  There is a separate home on the property where you can experience it all.  We are a commercial production open range egg farm and are growing rapidly.  In 2020, we built a new chicken barn and more than tripled our number of open range hens just to keep up with demand.  In addition to our eggs, we have a massive community share garden that provides organic veggies to our farm customers while providing the same to our incredible neighbors.  After a hard day’s work, you might just catch all the neighbors and friends gathered out on the farm laughing or playing music around an open fire.  In the fall, grab a sweater and check out our pumpkin patch.  Want to step away from the Country? The lights of Broadway are just right down the road. 

Whether you choose to buy a dozen eggs, pay to stay or work to stay,- we’ll be happy to show you that farm livin’ is the life for you.


Why local is better

free range 

Our birds free range on the entire farm and are not fed low protein pellets or harmful synthetic feeds.


no chemicals

These eggs aren’t bleached or treated. We get them from the nest box, wash them, and put them in the egg shack for you!


support farms

Your support of our farm helps keeps in-city Agribusiness alive in Nashville, TN. We love to show locals where their food comes from.